From a very young age I would find myself staring up at the stars with a fascination that matured over time. For a long time I used to stare in wonder whilst not understanding the technological advances we have made to explore this unknown territory.

It was only when I entered my teenage years that I began to truly explore the possibilities of space in my personal time. At this point I was afraid of ‘outting’ myself as a geek or nerd so I kept these musings to myself, whilst eagerly awaiting the next passing of the International Space Station (ISS).

Memories & Life Experiences

I distinctly remember in August 2006 being disgusted by the International Astronomical Unions decision to downgrade Pluto to the status of “dwarf planet”. It was front page news and this enabled to me to talk about this topic without my nerdisms being suppressed, it was an epiphany to me. My whole thought process on the subject changed overnight and I felt much more comfortable expressing my wonder of the subject.

In July 2011 I was lucky enough to witness the space shuttle Atlantis embark on it’s final mission from the Kennedy Space Station. I was miles and miles away, in a car park near Disney world when I saw it’s journey into the sky. I cried in that moment as I comprehended the monumental scale of the flight I was watching.

In my early 20’s I met my husband, Mark and his family. Mark has a flare for technology, science and design and he nurtured my love for everything galactic. As our relationship matured so did my love for space and space travel.

His family, which I now consider my own too are passionate about air travel and we frequently will be seen at air shows and doing everything you would consider a family of nerds to do. The gift Mark and his family have given to my confidence is something that I’ll forever treasure.

The Importance Of Local Accomplishments

When British astronaut Tim Peake made his assent into space to join the crew of the International Space Station I found myself enthralled by the pride in our country to achieve such phenomenal feats. I found myself outside, staring up into our starry skies watching as the ISS and it’s crew whizzed with a tear in my eye.

It was around this point where family members started having children of an age I could begin educating them on these immense subjects. Of course they don’t understand the vastness of it all – I don’t want to scare the little tykes! But still, to be able to fill their little minds with stars and matter is another gift I hold close to my heart. Being able to speak about Tim Peake and his local origins helped me to inspire them easily.

A New Era Of Space Travel

In recent years space has become much more accessible as a new generation of space vehicles are developed. The ambition and determination of these companies is awe inspiring. Being able to watch Virgin Galactic’s endeavours to create commercial space travel has been fascinating to say the least, this could and will probably happen within my lifetime! How lucky are we to be here to experience this colossal achievement?

Space X are another hugely successful company making hugely advanced rockets and spacecrafts. The commercial company are allowing other smaller businesses to send satellites and even cargo to the ISS using their crafts whilst all the while upgrading and improving their designs. They have successfully sent spacecrafts into Earths low orbit and returned them to land intact – simply amazing. They regularly post live feeds of their regular launches online and I will be linking to these on my social media pages to share the love.

A Cosmic Website Is Born

Whilst real space is simply inconceivable, we can’t just stop there. We create fantastic science fiction involving space travel. My favourites involve the obvious rivals Star Wars and Star Trek, but my favourite film from 1998 is Lost In Space. I cut my hair to be like the young girl, Penny Robinson and died in black a few weeks before my Secondary school prom. The film whilst obviously sci-fi had an aspect of realism I adore and continue to do so.

In conclusion, space, the galaxy and everything cosmic creates a very big part of who I have developed to be today. Without my slow embracing of my inner geek I would never have met the people I have, and ultimately would never have become the brilliant web developer I am today. Sometimes in life it is important to embrace who you are and reach for the stars. My intention is to do this with Cosmic Websites.