After working for a large corporate web design agency for a number of years I wanted to give something back to my local community. I have the ability to offer quality website design for a fraction of the price of larger agencies.

Cosmic Websites aim is to provide high quality website design to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it. My passion is to develop websites we all can be proud of.

I do everything that these larger companies do and provide the same high quality product with 1 very important difference – I don’t have large ongoing costs. I don’t have rental fees for a large city based office, I don’t offer my staff commission for converting sales and I certainly don’t inflate the cost in order to pay for a staff Christmas party.

I work from home, I don’t have unnecessary costs which need to be worked into your web design quote. I offer you the cost of your job and I pay myself for the time invested in your project, nothing more – nothing less. These wages don’t go towards flashy cars or houses, They go towards my 5 rescue lurchers (dogs) and living a modest life in the small town of Chatteris, Cambridgeshire.

Experienced in WordPress websites I can make your online business space the best it can possibly be within your limited budget. I won’t inflate my prices to match your budget, my aim is to be as transparent as possible with my whole company. Our websites are built using templates and then heavily modified to meet your requirements with a view to you being able to manage independently once it’s gone live.


I am committed to upholding my most cherished values in every project and task I take on.

My commitment to you is also a commitment to me and my business. I have emotionally and financially invested in your businesses success. For example. If your website is brilliant and successful, you may wish to come back to me in the future for upgrades and additional plugins. This is something I’d be ecstatic to do for you. All the while whilst promoting you on my own portfolio.


Give me a call today to brainstorm ideas for your website. Lets make your website into something to really be proud of. I can suggest ways to keep your costs down in both the long and short term but also help with design ideas and business development.


Before I begin building your website I will create 3 wireframe designs for you to choose from. Keeping your finger on the development throughout.


At the 50% stage in your websites build I will send you a link to see how your site is progressing. From this point forward you’ll be able to see changes as they happen – how exciting!